The Residential, Commercial and Master Associations each have their owner set of documents and these work in concert to govern the operations of Valley Ranch.  Below is a brief description for some of the documents.


Stands for Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. This is where the rights of the association and the homeowners are set down. CC&Rs vary, and while most general obligations are the same, many of the more specific rules are unique to each association. They further distinguish between privately owned units and common areas and will detail the maintenance responsibilities of the homeowners versus the HOA. Duties that are assumed by the HOA still require funding from the homeowners, so operating costs and the manner in which they will be collected will be included in the CC&R as well.


The HOA bylaws are another official document that is created by a legal professional and reviewed by a government office upon the creation of a development. They set down the procedures to be followed by the HOA in their decision-making and management process. Included in the bylaws is information about officer and director positions--their responsibilities, how they are filled--as well as procedures for record-keeping and how to notify residents about board decisions.

Design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines were established by the Architectural Review Committee in accordance with the Residential Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. These Design Guidelines include standards, restrictions and specifications governing the construction, placement, location, alteration, maintenance and design of Improvements to property encumbered by the Residential Declaration. These Design Guidelines may be revised or amended from time to time by the Architectural Review Committee.